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Host couple Leena and Mikko Kylämarkula wishes you very wellcome!

  • Spend lovely weddings, birthday-, graduation-, family- and many other parties in our lovely and cosy place next to the nature. We will make possible you to have marvellous Christmas party. Our cuisine magician prepares luscious delicacies, which you can savour together with wine. (Our mansion has alcohol license)
  • Have meals with groups
  • Enjoy showing tours
  • Keep successfully several day conferences
  • Relax in real smoke sauna Vikingsauna, bath in hot tube (outside!) or swim in a small pond. At Vikingsauna we also serve meals if so is wanted, which hardly leaves you hungry…
  • Have sauna at the mansion
  • Board comfortably in log cabin house or fairy-tale Strawbale House Villa Pellavista (Olkitalo Villa Pellavista) made of linen!
  • Shop at the courtyard errea in “Treasure barn” (aarreaitta) Tilkkutex and Urpolan Kutomo
  • Enjoy in Urpola Kutomo’s gallery or Art House Taidemakasiini. (Have a look for point of time)
  • Otherwise just have a relaxing vacation at fetching countryside spot.


Urpolan Kartano
Perkiöntie 13
31640 Humppila, Finland
Tel. +358 500 121 160